“I’m not sure whether it was the book I read, my dream one night, or part of my creative vision, but I knew I had to confront him, I had to confront Karl Marx, in Hell.”



Did you know Karl Marx based his seminal economic thesis Das Capital on Dante’s dark and disturbing Inferno? Filmmaker Robert Orlando did, and now he plans to expose the horrors of Marx in his new book (and soon to be film) To Hell with Karl Marx: The American Exorcism. Scheduled for release in 2021, the book is Orlando's vision of his own confrontation with Marx, in hell. 


A semi-autobiographical tale, To Hell with Karl Marx was conceived in a dream and born of Orlando's lifelong passion to lay bare the dark underworld of Marxism. It is the filmmaker's deepest dive yet into the dark chambers of the Cold War. Orlando skillfully shines a klieg light on a radicalized worldview, the people it exploits, and the dark forces who promote its advancement in the modern world.


Many in today's culture have been duped by Marxist theories. The result is a growing flirtation with socialism. To Hell with Karl Marx is the hard shake American society needs right now, a rebuke of the romanticized myth of Marx, and an indictment of a utopian philosophy that has dehumanized millions.  To Hell with Karl Marx is Orlando's last stand against Marx's wicked and beguiling death-of-the-west fairytale

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